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June 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

Dear Parents Salaam Alaykum, You are cordially invited to attend the much awaited 2019 Awards and Graduation Ceremony.  Mashallah, we have 18 graduates this year.  We will begin at 10:45 am and end at 1pm. Kindly arrive Read more

About Al-Haadi

Our Aim

1. Working in partnership with all stakeholders: Parents, students, teachers, volunteers and the community at large.

2. Ensuring all stakeholders feel safe, respected and welcome.

3. Delivering a balanced, evolving and standardized curriculum to students, relevant assessment tools and reporting measures as well as effective teacher training.

4. Promoting excellence in piety, seeking knowledge and excellent conduct (Makaarim Al-Akhlaq), which are as follows:

مَسْؤُولِيَّة Responsibility
جُهْد Effort
إِحْتِرَام Respect
أَخَوِيَّة Care

Management Committee – Al-Haadi Principal – Al-Haadi Vice Principal – Al-Haadi Lead Coordinator